Distributing Co-operative

This Co-op Builder will guide you to customise a constitution and a disclosure statement for a distributing co-operative (trading co-operative in Queensland).

Distributing co-operatives have share capital and can deliver services to members and share profits with members.

You will learn about each document as you design your co-op through the Co-op Builder.

Have you chosen the right co-op type? If you are uncertain, download How to choose your co-op type.

Before you begin, make sure you have your business plan handy. For more information, download Business planning for co-ops.

If you are part-way through an incomplete document, clicking ‘Get Started’ should take you back to where you left off.


The Constitution Builder is an online template for a set of governance rules for a co-operative, with guidance for drafting minimum share and active member obligations.

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The Disclosure Statement Builder is an online template that contains standardised information about the nature of a co-operative and its shares.

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